'I love the slate. Everything about it in fact. The letter itself is lovely—its high waistedness, the choices you made in the design of the diagonal and it's meeting with the curve—and the serifs are delightful, playful and perilously, wonderfully thin. Then the stone itself. I love the thickness of it, and the scratches. It has a presence as an object that adds to the overall experience, perfectly counterbalanced with the delicacy of the letter itself.'

Welsh slate, painted off-white, 165x205x20mm

A mutual exchange with calligrapher Adelina Pervanje (@adelinawrites).

'I couldn't have imagined it if I wanted to, it is so unique and gorgeous. Seeing the letters cut so up close is really something; details like the little lines that run through the letters and the little triangles that form at the serifs are just so beautiful. I'm also blown away by the flourishing, I literally can't imagine how you manage to cut such soft and perfect curves into stone. It is a treasure indeed and it's beyond anything I expected.'

Welsh slate, painted off-white, 75x25mm