I am John Mawby, lettercutting is my craft – my compulsion. 

My introduction to typography instilled in me an intrigue which quickly grew to a pursuit. Going on to study Graphic Communication with Typography at Plymouth University enabled me to absorb the knowledge to challenge and grow my typographic skills. Whilst at university my attention was drawn to lettercutting through a guest lecture by Lida Kindersley of the Cardozo Kindersley Workshop – she was captivating. The auspicious alignment between craft and letterform was charming and irresistible. Accepted as an apprentice, under the guidance of Lida and the workshop, I was taught all aspects of lettercutting; equipping me with the theoretical and practical skills for this artistic endeavour. This harmony between typography and lettercutting has given me the freedom to explore and materialise my thoughts. I am able to fulfil my passion for creating beautiful lettering across a range of media, namely stone, wood and paper.


For commissions or collaborations please contact me here.