To some, commissioning may feel daunting. Maybe you've not done it before, maybe you're not sure if I'm right for the job, or maybe you're not entirely certain what you require. I urge you to get in touch, the simplest of questions can spark exciting discussions. Below I have outlined the commissioning process; however, it's not a formula, we would move at an appropriate pace and in a necessary direction, whatever that may be.

Where possible initial enquiries are best followed by a meeting. There are usually factors regarding wording, letterform, design, material, that require discussing. Conversation flows and it is best to consider options in person alongside visual engagement.

Once we reach an appropriate stage I will draw up a scale design, provided alongside a quote. We can also consider amendments and re-designs at this stage. 

Following approval of the design from yourself and any subsequent parties or faculties, I will order the material. It is at this point I will ask for a deposit, this is usually a third of the total cost.

As soon as the material has arrived I will draw the design out, ready to be cut. This is thoughtful and decisive, it is the first time the material and design come together. I advise that you come and see your commission at this stage as this is a good opportunity to make any final alterations.

Inscriptions are cut entirely by hand, this is a quiet and solitary process. It is timely but thoroughly rewarding, this is where final decisions are made, from the finished shape, weight and depth of each individual letter to the space between them.

Once complete, the last thing to do is place the commission where it belongs. Where possible I like to install my own work.

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